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Sales & Training Manager - must be able to travel and bilingual only

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Locations Available: Austin


Must call to set up interview.

Please follow the directions below, CALL: 512-201-2829, it will then take you to a voice message system and on the voice message system please be sure to leave what city you're interested in as we are hiring for several cities. Please ask for Carey when leaving a message.

Serious people looking for long-term career ONLY, as we are looking for long-term sales agents.

Welcome to the Remco insurance Team

We are happy & excited that you want to be part of our company. You do not need to have experience in the field but need to have a very good attitude, be a fast learner and be responsible, stable & great at sales. This is for people that are great at sales & have great customer service.

We are looking for good training managers that are able to travel arount Texas to train our agents for our insurance offices. Your first month we will train you on everything you need to learn. Don't worry, it is very easy to catch on once you learn to sell insurance you won't's like riding a bike!

Please make sure you can work the hours before calling.

Work hours:
Monday thru Friday - 9am to 7pm
Saturday - 10am to 5pm
Sunday - OFF
You also get 2 set days off a month ontop of Sunday that are assigned to you.

Once your sales build up to a certain amount of sales per month you will get a raise and will be dropped to 5 day workdays.
Job Title and Description

  • Needs to be good under pressure and stress
  • You will be working in an office environment
  • Must be a Fast learner-Must be good at problem solving
  • Must be able to concentrate and be on a computer for most of the day
  • This is for people looking for a career & long term opportunity not short term

Position Qualifications:

  • Experience with customer service & friendly with Customers
  • Must speak English & Spanish (Bilingual ONLY please)
  • Good people skills-Upbeat attitude- Sundays Off
  • Be able to problem solve
  • Be good under pressure
  • Computer literate (How to print, Copy, Scan, Search desktop,)

Pay Information

  • Pay comes to approximately $9.00 an hour to $15.00 an hour depending on sales experience, licensed as an insurance agent, management experience, etc.


  • Raises: Raises are given yearly. As long as your sales increase & have good attendance & you try your best at it, you can go very far in this company instead of jumping job to job
  • Medical, Dental, & Vision (Offered after being with the company for 60 days) which we pay 50% and you pay 50%
  • Vacation Time off : After you are with us for one year we offer paid vacation every six months
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