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If you Policy number starts with one of the below prefixes, contact the number that corresponds with your policy prefix to submit claim directly to your carrier. If your policy prefix is not listed, please call our office (512) 445-9998

Prefix  Contact Number
AUM 888-835-3027
AUS 888-835-3027
ATX 866-747-6917
EML 877-437-5007
EMP 877-437-5007
EGD 877-285-1296
EGE 877-285-1296
EGA 877-285-1296
LAMC 800-207-3779
LSS 877-437-5007
LGIA 888-255-4687
LSM 877-428-8466
LSA 877-428-8466
TXE/ACCESS   888-879-8363
TXS 866-424-9514
TXE 866-424-9514
TEJ 866-424-9514
INFINITY 800-334-1661

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Home Insurance HOME
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Renters Insurance RENTERS
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Motorcycle Insurance MOTORCYCLE
Classic Cars Insurance CLASSIC CARS
SR22 Insurance SR22
24Hr Roadside 24HR ROADSIDE
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